A special effects lighting headquarters online

Your special effects lighting headquarters online.

Lighting up the world in a whole new way is possible with our special effects lighting products.

Our site offers a complete line of special effects bulbs and fixtures that we invite you to browse through.

What special effects lighting experience do you want?

    • to glow with ultra violet black lights
    • to create magic with colored bulbs
    • to dazzle your party guests and customers with disco lights and strobe lights
    • to get in the mood with image glow bulbs
    • to turn the sun on indoors with full spectrum lighting
      Here some examples of what we offer. 

      Strobe lights include the 50 Watt and 20 Watt Mega Pro Strobe, the Beam Pro and Mini Strobe and professional hard acrylic special effect lighting colored lens sets including Red, Blue, Green and Purple Lenses.Special effects lighting black light fixtures and a large selection of blacklite bulbs include our Blacklite Bulb Bonanza of 150 and 75 Watt Giant Spotlight Bulbs, 100 Watt Giant Globe Blacklite Bulb, 75 Watt Spotlight Blacklite Bulb, 75 Watt Blacklite Bulb, or our 25 Watt Candle-Shaped Blacklite Bulb.


      Use these special effects lighting, amazing bulbs, to light up your the world in a whole new way!